About the Author

Denise Glenn

Denise grew up as an only child in a loving family and has always used her imagination to write stories. Although her first book, Beyond the Mirror, is an inspirational fiction, much of her story characters and settings are taken from her childhood memories. In upcoming books, different situations will be presented that could happen to any person and put forth a positive and encouraging message of hope.

Her second book, Alive to Tell, takes a turn to the non-fiction genre where she gives an account of an accident that could have taken her life and the lives of her children. Spared from death, she was, instead, left as an amputee but chose to overcome her physical disability, with God's help.

Through present and future writings, Denise's desire is to help readers see how they can prevail through the hard times and be triumphant!

Denise is an active member in her church and enjoys volunteering in her community. She and her husband, Peter, have three children and four grandchildren. In her spare time, Denise enjoys time with her family and trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.